Enhancing Supply Chain Flexibility and Efficiency.

At TAHAFresh, we revolutionize supply chains with our trucking services, enhancing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. As dedicated agents within the logistics realm, we assure swift and secure international transportation via road connections. The paramount safety of your cargo remains our unwavering priority.

Leveraging block space agreements with prominent international carriers operating in Tanzania, we ensure competitive space availability around the clock. Our extensive network within the cargo industry presents diverse options for consolidated, bulk, and specialty cargo transport. Being both an IATA Certified Agent and a proud member of FIATA, our services adhere to rigorous international logistics standards.

Innovative and flexible we seek to deliver the most reliable services to you.

We are dedicated to crafting solutions that meet the diverse needs of clients across the entire supply chain. Whether it’s connecting factories to wardrobes or farms to refrigerators, we ensure seamless solutions for every step