Message From the

General Manager.

From its humble origins in Arusha, Tanzania, TAHAFresh has evolved into a dynamic logistics powerhouse. Our journey began as a small-scale logistics enterprise, serving the airfreight export needs of local horticultural farmers. Today, at the nexus of local expertise and global reach, our vision shines resolutely: to be the premier choice for logistics solutions in Tanzania and worldwide.

Guided by this steadfast vision, we’ve ascended to become an integrated logistics leader in Tanzania. We offer tailored end-to-end solutions that transcend borders and span continents, driven by strategic partnerships with renowned global logistics giants. Over 13 dynamic years, our ceaseless pursuit of excellence has integrated cutting-edge technologies into every facet of our operations. The result? Elevated efficiency and tangible cost reductions, which we proudly extend to our esteemed clientele. Our expanding global network empowers seamless product transportation worldwide and the sourcing of prime raw materials from diverse corners of the earth.

At TAHAFresh, we value our people as our most cherished asset. Our skilled, experienced, and dedicated workforce sets us apart, infusing passion and expertise into every endeavor. With this in mind, we commit to fostering a culture of leadership, facilitation, and teamwork through strategic training. Our ultimate aim is to stand as the employer of choice, upholding the highest employment standards and offering an unparalleled work environment.

In this growth journey, our heartfelt gratitude extends to our valued clients, partners, sub-contractors, and stakeholders. Your steadfast collaboration and support have been the foundation of our success, and we eagerly anticipate building on these relationships for the future. To our potential partners and clients, we extend a warm invitation. This profile offers a glimpse into the vibrant world of TAHAFresh, where innovative solutions and unwavering commitment converge to shape a brighter future.

Innovative and Adaptable: Tailoring Services to Your Needs

We are dedicated to crafting solutions that meet the diverse needs of clients across the entire supply chain. Whether it’s connecting factories to wardrobes or farms to refrigerators, we ensure seamless solutions for every step