Frequently Asked Questions

How are shipping rates determined?

Determining shipping rates can be intricate. At TFHL, our pricing is based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Mode of transport (trucking, air, or sea)
  • Insurance coverage
  • Weight and dimensions of the cargo
  • Type of cargo (perishable or general)
  • Origin and destination
  • Delivery terms
  • Seasonality (high and low seasons)
What types of equipment transport cargo?

Freight is transported via diverse methods, including ground, ocean, and air. The equipment used depends on specific customer requirements and the nature of the cargo as well as its destination.

How long does it take to ship cargo?

The shipping duration hinges on factors such as dimensions, mode of transport, and selected services. Arrival times can range from same-day delivery to several weeks. International air shipments generally arrive faster than ocean shipments. Similarly, ground expedited shipments vary in speed based on distance and location.

What’s the best way to package products?

Packaging strategies depend on the cargo type and transportation equipment. Factors like pallets, crates, or cardboard boxes, as well as the need for temperature-controlled settings, play a pivotal role. Proper packaging is essential for safe transit and reduced damage risk. While we offer packaging advice, we do not provide packaging services.

Documents needed during the shipping?

Documents for import;

  • Import permit,
  • Commercial invoice,
  • Original parking list,
  • TIN number

Documents for export;

  • Commercial invoice,
  • Original parking list,
  • Tin number,

For perishables;

  • Radiation certificate
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Fumigation (for Avocados)
  • PIP (Plant Import Permit)
Do you have insurance cover for your clients?

While the client is responsible for fully insuring goods in transit against all risks, we can provide insurance services as a separate charge.

Does TAHAFresh work with TAHA members only?

We extend our services to both TAHA members and non-members. While we specialize in handling perishables, our expertise encompasses a wide range of cargo, catering to diverse needs beyond the TAHA membership.

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