Environment & Social Sustainability.

As a pioneering force in the logistics landscape, TAHAFresh holds a profound responsibility to not just meet industry standards but to set the benchmark for sustainability. We embrace the imperative to shrink our carbon footprint while upholding the highest social and governance standards.

Throughout our journey, we have redefined logistics, introducing ground-breaking green initiatives and leading the charge as one of the first companies in Tanzania to actively work towards a zero-emissions objective. Today, our array of environmentally conscious logistics solutions stands as the most comprehensive in our sector.

However, the true transformation takes place when we join hands with you. United with our valued customers and stakeholders, we have introduced innovative green logistics strategies that amplify supply chain sustainability, driving towards collective environmental objectives.

“Empowering Sustainability at Our Core”

At TAHAFresh, sustainability isn’t just a pledge—it’s our operational ethos. We are driven by integrity and a resolute focus on effecting credible and purposeful change. Our enduring commitment to green practices stands unwavering, a testament to our role in safeguarding the environment.

Uplifting Our Planet Through Conscious Practices: At TAHAFresh, environmental stewardship is not just a responsibility—it’s a calling. We recognize our role in driving the industry’s shift towards eco-friendly practices. We conscientiously practice resource management techniques that optimize the use of water, energy, and materials across our operations. By doing so, we diminish the strain on these resources, lessening the negative impact on local ecosystems. By embracing biodegradable materials and rationalizing packaging, we mitigate the proliferation of plastic waste, contributing to a healthier planet.

Charting a Course to Net-Zero Emissions: Our sustainability aspirations soar high. By setting an ambitious net-zero emissions target for 2050 across our operations, we’ve embarked on a journey of transformation. We are guided by the Science Based Targets initiative, ensuring that every stride we take in our low-carbon transition is rooted in the latest climate science, thus echoing the Paris Agreement’s call to curtail global temperature rise.

Pioneering Short-Term Targets: As part of our accelerated sustainability drive, we are carving short-term targets for 2030, aiming for a 50% reduction in scopes 1 and 2 emissions and a 30% reduction in scope 3.

Unveiling Sustainable Facilities: Minimizing our environmental footprint extends to every facet of our operations. Our facilities mirror this ethos, aiming to minimize their direct impact on the environment. We diligently adhere to industry standards such as BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, ensuring our new facilities meet the highest benchmarks while emphasizing long-term sustainability.