Air Freight.

Experience Expedited Air Cargo Solutions.

At TAHAFresh, we embody speed, agility, and flexibility when it comes to air freight services. As trusted agents of world-class airlines, we ensure swift and reliable overseas air transportation to and from global destinations. When you entrust your cargo to TAHAFresh, rest assured that safety remains at the forefront of our commitment.

With established block space agreements alongside major international carriers operating within Tanzania, we secure competitive rates and ample space for our valued customers. Our partnerships with cargo airlines grant you a spectrum of options, including consolidated, bulk, and specialty cargo airlifting. As an IATA Certified Agent and proud member of FIATA, our services uphold international logistics standards.


Innovative and Adaptable, Tailoring Services to Your Needs.

Our creativity and adaptability drive tailored solutions that cater to your needs, be it transporting from factory to wardrobe or farm to refrigerator.